Jesus said they were two separate individuals, (previous post) and here an eye witness reports what he saw

Jesus said they were two separate individuals <a href="">payday loans South Dakota</a>, (previous post) and here an eye witness reports what he saw

That makes testimony from two men identifying the Father and Son as two separate individuals. I need say no more.

It was the Rockefellers, Morgans and Carnegies that funded both sides of the war and actually propped up Hitler

The Holy scriptures clearly teach the Jesus Christ is God, therefore; worshiping God the Son is NOT breaking the first commandment. FYI – No-one has ever kept the Ten Commandments except for God Himself.

Please read the Holy Scriptures (thousands of years old and never changing) and learn from them. Dismiss false teachers and heretics like Russell, Young, Smith, and many more. Follow Jesus, not them.

This came to the forefront back in AD 325, when all the world’s bishops, except for a fringe minority, understood and agreed that Jesus Christ is “homoousios” (that is, consubstantial) with the Father.

William, Not on my end. Please unplug your modem to clear the codes and plug it back in after 20 seconds. Greg

Great info as always Greg and also great info from all of your followers here. I want to tie a lot of stuff together as I have studied the Globalists/Nazis machine for a long time now. It was H. G. Wells with his girl friend Margaret Sanger(Founder of Planned Parenthood), at a WH Gala put on by Teddy R in 1901 that proclaimed eugenics plan of eradicating humans. Kill Gates mom and dad were the heads of Planned Parenthood. Klaus Schwab’s dad was a big Nazi under Hitler. George Soros ferreted out Jews to turn over to the Nazis in Hungary He even was on 60 Minutes with Steve Croft saying that time was the happiest of his life. Do you all see the common thread here? When and even before WWll was over, all the Nazis were making their escape routes to Ukraine, to South America and yes America. They now have taken control of the world and unless we stop them, there is no hope. I am just wondering when are the first shots going to be made as it will only take a few of the psychopaths to meet their maker in Hell to start a cascading effect. They will have no where to hide. This moment has to be soon, my gut says. I pray deeply 3 hours a day to God to save us but Jesus may not come back for sometime so in that painful period before he does come back, do you all think their EVIL days are now numbered like me or am I just blowing smoke? They have been exposed and revealed now to all people and eyes wide open now.

Hi David, I agree there is a ‘great awakening’ – hence evidence of TPTB becoming more and more desperate to vaxx everyone, including toddlers, (. ) while they are still able. Unfortunately, being realistic, the majority still have their ‘eyes wide shut’ and continue to behave like adherents to a cult – the Covidian Cult – with unquestioning obedience.

Those who fail to study the history of the Church founded by Jesus Christ are doomed to repeat the heresies She has long since settled

The problem with your thesis, David, is that it echoes the Left. Who is Antifa, BLM, the media, and academia continually demonizing? “Nazis” and “fascists” or Communists? Do you still believe what the media says about Sen. McCarthy? Was he trying to expose the extensive Nazi or Communist infiltration of our government? Does the media constantly regale the public with tales of the evils of Nazis or Communists? Does Hollywood constantly spew movies about Nazis or Communists? Does the education system train our youth to be patriotic and proud of their heritage or do they sell they Commie globalism. Etc, etc.

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