CLA197H1 – Dying and you may Immortality into the Ancient Believe

CLA197H1 – Dying and you may Immortality into the Ancient Believe

Socrates are a properly-identified shape in the Athens through the their lifetime: charismatic and you can motivational to a few, however, a fact of anxiety and you will derision to help you others, whom saw into the your difficulty to governmental and you can religious norms. This course will during the discussions, old and progressive, provoked of the strange life and you will debatable death of Socrates, as well as the influence he’d along the personal photo, concept, and you may posts out-of subsequent opinions. Plato is an important source for our very own look at Socrates, however, we shall make a point of exploring wide perspectives as well: throughout the really works of other people within his system, because of literary representations, so you can his after reception into the antiquity and you can beyond. Restricted to earliest-year college students. Not eligible for CR/NCR alternative.

CLA196H1 – Homer’s Odyssey down compliment of Time

This course tend to questionnaire creative really works determined by Homer’s Odyssey. First we shall read through the fresh Odyssey, contextualizing the new Homeric unbelievable during the big tale of your own Virus Combat as well as the subsequent courageous come back on ”Unbelievable Years.” Following we are going to research some ”receptions” of the Odyssey, old and you can modern. Ancient functions should include the new satyr gamble Cyclops from the Euripides and you can portrayals regarding a relationship-ill Cyclops when you look at the Theocritus and you can Ovid. Inside the Correct Story Lucian calls Odysseus a liar however, rivals their traveling story which have symptoms placed on the new moon and you can inside an effective whale. Progressive functions are Atwood’s Penelopiad, Walcott’s stage variety of this new Odyssey, additionally the motion picture “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Themes should include traveling literary works, truth and you may lying, localization of one’s wanderings out-of Odysseus, community clash, additionally the definition of home. This matter, various during the day, media, and you can fidelity to their Homeric source, deliver united states that have a properly-circular sense of the Odyssey has been re-envisioned across the age. Limited to basic-seasons college students. Perhaps not qualified to receive CR/NCR solution.

It looks pure for us to enjoy existence and you can hate demise — to much time, therefore, for immortality. But are individuals by any means immortal? If that’s the case, where do we go – is there an ’afterlife’? Is actually all of our souls reincarnated? Consequently they are we actually directly to worry demise, or is so it somehow childish? What is actually death, and you will the facts we are scared of: the pain sensation away from passing away, loss of the newest pleasures out of existence, non-existence? We shall realize a number of old messages and this engage this type of inquiries: this new Mesopotamian epic Gilgamesh, Homer’s Odyssey, Euripides’ enjoy Alcestis, Plato’s Phaedo, and you may De Rerum Natura by the Roman poet Lucretius. Are great deals with of several size; while focusing for the our themes we’re going to try making the latest a lot of what they have to give. The course is perfect for people to obtain routine during the numerous very important knowledge: close learning of cutting-edge texts, analysis out-of philosophical arguments, dental dialogue, and you will essay-creating. Limited by first-season children. Not qualified to receive CR/NCR solution.

CLA198H1 – Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar (one hundred – forty two BC) are an author, an enthusiastic orator, an effective reformer, and you may a builder, as well as a standard, a conqueror, an enthusiastic explorer, and you may a dictator. Immediately after his dying, he was actually worshipped as the a jesus with a temple for the ab muscles cardiovascular system regarding Rome. Based on his experts, both ancient and you can progressive, he was along with an excellent megalomaniac, an enemy of one’s condition, a war unlawful, and an effective tyrant. Just a not so many folks have leftover including an extensive and you will questionable mark-on the real history of ancient globe. We will think as numerous aspects of his lives and his awesome legacy once we can also be, of his conquest out-of Gaul in order to his decision so you can dive Rome on the a horrifying municipal conflict, off their love-affair which have Queen Cleopatra from Egypt in order to his brutal murder to the the newest Ides off February. Limited by earliest-seasons people. Maybe not qualified to receive CR/NCR choice.

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